Starting a gaming company

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start your own gaming company? A quick look at the number of gaming companies that are online today, shows that many people have succeeded at this – so you could too.

Using a “white label” solution

A “white label” application is like your own gaming site in a box. Instead of applying for your own gambling licence from the Gambling Commission, you can “piggy back” on the authorisation of the company that owns the underlying application. The “white label” comes in because you can add your own branding to the application. Basically the supplier’s software is grinding away behind the scenes, providing the website, help pages, chat lines, support, banking and all the rest of it. You get to do the nice bits – choosing a fun name that will attract players, and some aspects of the site design. And then the best bit – choosing the games.

Choosing the games

Most online gaming sites have a good selection of slots because they are so popular with the public. There’s a good explanation of the different types of slot at Community Casino. People follow their favourite titles, so games like Avalon, Mega Moolah, Divine Goddess and others will always attract players. Devoted fans also have favourite games providers, and companies like NetEnt and MicroGaming are a big draw. If you choose a “white label” solution, the supplier will have deals with various companies, and you can choose which to feature. Roulette, poker and other casino games are also popular, sometimes drawing a different crowd from the slots players. And games such as Keno and Sic Bo have a devoted following. Don’t forget the bonuses either. The surest way to get people to sign up is to offer a welcome bonus. Then keep your players happy by offering lots of promotions as well.

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