Do’s and Don’ts of Starting and E-shop that Delivers Internationally

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Shopping on the internet is becoming more popular, meaning this is an ideal time to get into e-commerce. Opening up your store to international customers can boost your sales and make your business more profitable. However, you can lose a lot of money if you run your shop the wrong way. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts of international shipping:

Do: Research the Shipping Costs

If you are planning to sell your products to many countries, you can simply find out the country with the highest shipping costs. Also, you need to know the cost of shipping products to some of your most likely destinations.

Don’t: Pay the Import Fees and Duties

Countries around the world have different customs regulations. It may not be possible for you to learn about the fees in all the countries you will be shipping to. Almost all retailers get their customers to pay the import fees since these charges can significantly drop their profits.

Do: Get Insurance and Tracking

Your products will be exposed to all sorts of risks when being transported. You can avert these risks by tracking the items and getting full coverage in case they get damaged, lost or stolen. Paying for insurance and tracking might force you to raise your prices. Some companies provide fully traceable shipping services at no extra costs, and this can be cheaper for you and your customers.

Don’t: Lie When Filling the Forms

Some retailers mark their products as gifts so that they avert import fees. This is illegal and can get you banned from doing business with citizens of some countries. Also, make sure you include sufficient and accurate details on the forms. If you don’t provide enough details or have suspicious descriptions, the packages may be seized. This will cause unnecessary delays and may make your customers abandon your service.

Do: Select Your Products Carefully

The best items to ship internationally are small and light products. These are easier and cheaper to deliver. Also, you need to check whether the products you are selling can be legally imported into your target destination. For example, many countries have strict restrictions on the importation of certain foods.

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